Monthly Archives: January 2017

Faster fun (82.1-91.0km)

After a week’s recuperation from my cold and a bit of laziness thrown in for good measure it was time to head out again and pound the pavement. The plan was to make use of the miles in the bank and have a 8-10 mile jog. That didn’t last long, the freedom of not having […]

Home run (60.9-82.1km)

  That was a cold one, seriously cold, my feet were like blocks of ice and my hands wouldn’t warm up. I really shouldn’t have expected anything less from something described as a winter half marathon. My first half in nearly two years arrived to a sharp frost in the air, not entirely unexpected given the […]

Tick over (57.0-60.9km)

Will this week ever end? It’s race week and I’m craving a run. It’s cold, it’s dark and I don’t care. I need to run. Picking up my race number only made things worse. I should conserve that nervous energy for Sunday. But I REALLY want to run. So I did, just a quick, short frozen […]

Stay on target (38.3-57.0km)

Yesterday was an interesting morning for a run. I’m due to run the Farnborough half next weekend so I wanted to get a decent long run in, but not such a decent run that I blow it for next week. Let me explain; a few years ago I was listening to a running podcast whose […]

Antifreeze (31.1-38.3km)

My reluctance to go for a run took an unexpected twist last night. I had planned on going for a long overdue club run today but after looking at the weather forecast last night and seeing that snow was scheduled for this evening a run yesterday seemed to make a lot of sense. I’m not adverse […]

Noah’s Lark (13.1-31.1km)

With the Farnborough half just a fortnight away I needed to get some hard miles in today even if it was just a case of convincing myself I could run the distance. I’d entered the half months ago, it’s the first one in my hometown, and it’s kind of snuck up on me with all […]

Lazy make up (7.9-13.1km)

Five days in and I’ve already decided to stay in. In my defence it was decidedly cold, think sub-zero, and I had the bins to do, plus it was dark and ultimately I was just plain lazy wasn’t I? Thursday is usually club run evening which gives me a good opportunity to run with others. […]