A challenge too easy

It’s the start of 2017 and like so many others I’m starting a blog as well as a challenge for the new year.

The challenge is simple; in 2017 I plan to run 1000km. On the face of it running on average 20km a week, that’s around 100 minutes of running, is simple surely? The problem is that in almost eight years of running I’ve never managed it, not even close, the best I’ve ever managed is about 650km (646.6 km to be precise, but I’m allowed to round up). A combination of injury and laziness have always held me back.

So, the real challenge is to stay injury free, keep the motivation going and just get out of the house. And obviously blog about it, that will be a challenge in itself but let’s not get too meta about this and focus on the running.

I plan to detail each run, how it felt what I thought about and how far/short/fast/slow it was. There’ll be a few races thrown in (Hello Farnborough and Surrey halves), plenty of club runs and a bit of swearing and cursing along the way but not too much, this blog should be kid-friendly!

And how do I plan to start my running year? By putting my feet up and heading to a chinese buffet for lunch with my family. Don’t worry, there’s a cross country race tomorrow with my name on it, in the mud, the cold, wet, sticky mud. Pass me another spring roll!



    1. Thanks, if either the running or blogging are still going on in February I’ll be a happy man!

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  1. Great post! Good luck with your training this year!

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