Antifreeze (31.1-38.3km)

My reluctance to go for a run took an unexpected twist last night. I had planned on going for a long overdue club run today but after looking at the weather forecast last night and seeing that snow was scheduled for this evening a run yesterday seemed to make a lot of sense.

I’m not adverse to running in the rain, running in the snow with slippery conditions underfoot is a different matter entirely though. So I went for a run last night, I can’t decide if that makes me lazy for not going out tonight or not.

Either way, off I went for a couple of quick laps of the local “island” I live on. It’s only an island in the sense that we are surrounded by three major roads but it makes for a convenient lap, there’s certainly nothing exotic about it.

So far, so simple, I was happily jogging along, not really worried about my pace when I completed my first kilometre. As my watch buzzed, out of curiosity I glanced down at my Garmin and got a bit of a shock.


Oh dear

Over the last few months I’ve become less of a slave to my watch and only glance down at it periodically. I do like to record my runs though and will need to know my pace later in the year as I chase a few PBs.

Of more immediate concern is how do I record my progress in the Farnborough half which is about ten days away. Whilst I quite like the idea of running watch free I resolved at the start of the challenge to only include recorded mileage so in the future I can match up runs to blog posts.

As I see it I have two options:

  • Get a new watch – Not really going to happen, they cost a lot of money so a lot of serious research needs to be done. My Garmin is about seven years old, I want my next watch to last as long at least.
  • Use my phone for the race – I could use the Strava app to record my progress but that’s extra bulk and I can’t keep an easy eye on my pace.

The sharper minded may be wondering how I managed to record the distance of my run to document it in the title. Well, the watch continued to work in terms of recording the run and the data was uploaded successfully so I guess I could leave things to chance and hope things work on the day.

I’m leaning towards the phone option just to be sure everything works but also tempted to chance it with the watch, the display fixed itself after I rebooted it and reset the run, with the hope that it’ll just work on the day.

I have two or three runs planned between now and the half, I think I’m going to try using both and see how I get on. So much for keeping my running simple.


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