Monthly Archives: February 2017

Three for the price of one! (158.8-175.5km)

What do you do when the kid is away and you can have a lie in? You get up early, rush breakfast, run to parkrun, run parkrun and run home from parkrun. Of course you do! With three runs combined into one to make a big long run I felt like part of a story, […]

Warming Up (148.6-158.8km)

Whilst not exactly balmy weather we got an early dose of spring the other day which really warmed things up. So much so that my evening run required just t-shirt and shorts which had me looking forward to spring and summer runs. I really don’t like evening runs in the dark. I was glad that […]

Watch Worries (140.3-148.6km)

Another club run another fast finish. This time I tried to push towards the end especially up that final hill towards the car park. The stop start nature of club runs as we catch up with and wait for other runners usually means a few minutes to relax and recharge along the way. I put […]

Creepy Commute (136.6-140.3km)

Quick one today, just the commute home which I hadn’t done since last year. I’d forgotten how dark it was on one of the paths, dark enough not to make the approach of others immediately obvious. All of 400m into my run, having gotten used to the strobe of the cars in the adjacent road […]

Thinking Homeostatically (120.6-136.6km)

Yikes, that was a cold one. There were a few flakes of snow in the air as I stepped out on a planned ten mile run and they remained there long after my run. I say planned, earlier that morning I’d heard my son’s football match had been postponed due to the rain and snow; […]

Club Run, Yay! (112.4-120.6km)

At last, a club run. After almost two months of running on my own I finally found the time to head out with my fellow CJs. Running on my own is a joy, I welcome those moments in my own head as the miles tick by but there’s another particular kind of joy that comes […]

Bad tools, bad workman (96.4-112.4km)

It’s long run time, well, longish run time. I’d been looking forward to this run for a while; two weeks since my last half and about six weeks till the next one. It should have been low pressure and a chance to stretch those legs and focus on a bit of speed as the stamina […]