Thinking Homeostatically (120.6-136.6km)

Yikes, that was a cold one. There were a few flakes of snow in the air as I stepped out on a planned ten mile run and they remained there long after my run.

I say planned, earlier that morning I’d heard my son’s football match had been postponed due to the rain and snow; I had planned to run before it. Now the morning was my oyster; I relaxed as I polished off my porridge and took the time to find a decent soundtrack for breakfast. (Marquee Moon by Television since you ask)

Then, disaster, a message was received informing us that the match had been rearranged for the same time but at our opponents home pitch. To say time was tight to get ten miles in, cool down and get to the match in time is an understatement.

There’s nothing better for making you run faster than being in a rush which shouldn’t be a surprise but now I think about it, it really is. Ordinarily, I’d run a bit, walk a bit, plod a bit and then maybe run a bit more. This time I was on a schedule, I had to get back in time so there was a minimum pace to maintain which wasn’t far off personal best pace for this distance.

Despite all the snow and the pressure I somehow managed it and set a personal best for 15km and if I’d run an extra hundred metres probably for 10 miles too. Don’t applaud too loudly though, I’ve rarely run this distance in anger so a personal best should be within reach for the next few runs at least whilst I train for the Surrey half next month.

The thoughts running through my head were interesting though. I knew I had to get back home and out again in quick order so I stated to build up a plan of action. It takes me a while to cool down after a run which means the shower as to wait till then too. Could I get home, cool down, warm up in the shower then stand out in the snow for an hour?

It didn’t really make much sense to me to mess around with my core temperature that much which is when I started to think about my A-Level biology studies and how the human body maintains homeostatic control. I haven’t thought about any of that in around 20 years but there it was, memories of sitting in a lab, green notebook open on the desk in front of me whilst my teacher scrawled some words of wisdom on the blackboard popping out of nowhere.

It’s funny how the mind can throw seemingly long lost memories to the forefront of your mind on a run. It’s one of the reasons I love running, the subconscious starts to take over as the mind and legs wander.

Just for the record I postponed the shower till after the football match, the sheer number of layers no doubt concealed the stench and we won with the little one scoring four. What a morning, now to warm up.


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