Creepy Commute (136.6-140.3km)

Quick one today, just the commute home which I hadn’t done since last year. I’d forgotten how dark it was on one of the paths, dark enough not to make the approach of others immediately obvious.

All of 400m into my run, having gotten used to the strobe of the cars in the adjacent road behind the trees, I realised my shoelaces had become undone. Seriously, will I never learn? So, there I was in the dark, holding my torch steady in my teeth as I did my shoelaces up. Finally done, up I got ready to set off when a figure clad all in black silently strode passed me in the opposite direction. To say I got a shock is a bit of an understatement and the next few 100m up to the main, well lit road were run at a faster pace than usual!

Fright aside it was thankfully uneventful after that, just a normal evening commute. I’ll bet my average heart rate was a bit faster than usual though!


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