Warming Up (148.6-158.8km)

Whilst not exactly balmy weather we got an early dose of spring the other day which really warmed things up. So much so that my evening run required just t-shirt and shorts which had me looking forward to spring and summer runs. I really don’t like evening runs in the dark.

I was glad that I trusted my instincts regarding apparel, a few kilometres into my run I was feeling the heat. It may only have been around 10c but I’m not used to running in such “warm” conditions. Goodness knows how the other runners I saw felt. The majority were dressed in coats, hats and gloves. I’ll bet they were sweltering.

The run itself wasn’t so bad, I couldn’t get any real pace going but the distance wasn’t a problem. I was constantly aware I was running rather than relaxing into it. It seems like I need people around me to run comfortably in the evening whereas in the mornings a solo run is no problem. Isn’t that odd?


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