Quicker for giggles (175.5-183.7km)

It may be March but there is still a fair old chill in the air especially when the wind blows and the night sky is clear. We all felt the cold as we waited for our club run to start last night, runners turned up in different numbers of layers but the consensus was the same, it was cold.

I’m not sure if it was the cold or the aftermath of my Saturday run but after a slow start as I got chatting with a few friends I decided to give it a blast for the second half of the run. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. We stop every kilometre or so to let everyone catch up but to run the last 4-5 km at just off my fastest parkrun pace is quite the morale boost.

I really enjoyed the run, I tried to keep up with the faster runners in the group which was successful up to a point. They make it look so easy skipping across the ground with barely a care in the world whilst there’s me stomping away behind them straining every sinew. It’s just not fair!

I did run faster though, much faster and for longer than I have for a number of years and as I said previously, the only way to get faster is to try and run faster. I have the Surrey Half in just over a week but I’m really looking forward to a few weeks where I can really try to run fast rather than long.

Just the half to get out of the way first though.


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