Jurassic Undark (260.2-269.2km)


Two things of note during this run, how exciting you find them depends on your point of view.

Firstly, they are apparently filming Jurassic World 2 in the local woods. There was no filming taking place when we ran through but we did see an old rusty arch which no doubt will be CGI-ed or made to look a bit more fancy for the movie. It certainly had no place on the dirt track we were running on.

Of more note, for me at least, was that our club run was back in the woods as it would still be bright when we finished. The joy of running offroad is indescribable after months of cold, dark road running. I could enjoy the various terrains: dirt track, tarmac and sand, I had no cars to worry about and the hills were a good start to training for the Surrey Half. I think I’ll have to use part of this route to get my hill training in.

The weather was glorious too, the warm snap along with the brighter evenings and the pleasant route put a real bounce in my step and I pushed myself to a good pace. Too fast for a half but it was fun to lead out for once.

All in all, a cracking start to summer running, I even saw some young deer bounding around the woods. No dinosaurs though.


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