Monthly Archives: April 2017

Lumpy and Runny (335.4-344.0km)

Blimey, that was hard work. As soon as I started out I knew the run would be a struggle but I was determined to get some more hills in. Jurassic Slope was otherwise indisposed due to the filming of Jurassic World II so I went to a shorter slope nearby. To really punish myself I […]

Alice Holt Blue (319.2-335.4km)

It’s Easter Monday, so a day off, and the family is away for the week so instead of enjoying a lie in I was up at seven and out of the door by eight to find a new location to do some hill training. Of course you do. I decided to venture out to Alice […]

Race to the Race (302.7-319.2)

Racing to a race isn’t advisable!

Droppings (288.1-302.7km)

Ten days off running and what do I get, a lovely little present from a bird on high.

More Ups (278.3-288.1km)

Time for a sneaky run, work and a family trip at the end of the week will keep time at a premium. After dropping some colleagues off at their hotel I headed to our Thursday club run starting point; not because there was a club run but because it was closer to the hills I […]

Boing (269.2-278.3km)

Here come the hills! There wasn’t much time to run this morning, I had to be back for my son’s football match, a local derby that couldn’t be missed. I needed some hills to run up though. So, off I headed into the woods for the nearest incline which was by the Jurassic gate I […]