Boing (269.2-278.3km)

Here come the hills! There wasn’t much time to run this morning, I had to be back for my son’s football match, a local derby that couldn’t be missed. I needed some hills to run up though.

So, off I headed into the woods for the nearest incline which was by the Jurassic gate I mentioned in my last post. The bemused security guard watched as I yoyoed my way up and down the slope five times. It’s only a ten metre climb but the gradient is over 10% in places so it is quite a workout especially for a hill-shy excuse like myself.

I wheezed and strained and realised I needed to be doing this a lot more often before my trail half. Ten trips up the hill should be the minimum but not only that I need more routes and gradients to the top to ensure my training covers all eventualities.

The plateau in the woods looks like it’ll be out of bounds for a while though, they’re building the “Ancient Futures” set for Jurassic World II up there right now and the top is fenced off.

It’s not ideal but a fairly novel excuse as excuses go although I’m pretty sure Mo Farah doesn’t have to put up with this kind of thing!


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