Droppings (288.1-302.7km)

Ten days off running and what do I get, a lovely little present from a bird on high.

I’d taken ten days off running because of work and a family weekend away. Running around Lyme Regis would have been great hill training but sometimes other things are much more important and it was actually relaxing not trying to fit a run in.

The plan was to run to the club meeting point, throwing in Jurassic slope along the way to keep the hill training up, run the club run and then run home. I kind of kept to the plan, but there were plenty of obstacles along the way.

It’s surprising how alien running can feel once you’ve had a bit of a break. I know it’s been a tough week at work but the legs just felt so heavy and tight as I headed out to the club’s Thursday run. Upon entering the woods I was beginning to pick up the pace on the way to the pond when I saw a white blobĀ on my shirt. Thinking it was an insect I attempted to brush it off, bad mistake, it was bird droppings which I smeared across my shirt and my hands as well as transferring some to the water bottle before I realised what was happening.

There I was mile one into a 9-10 mile run with no water and covered in bird poo. With a resigned shrug on I ploughed to Jurassic Slope. A few trips up and down the slope would make me feel virtuous and give my legs a reason to feel heavy and tight.

Foiled again! The set for Jurassic World II was almost finished and, presumably, to prevent prying eyes getting a sneak peak they’d moved the gate a third of the way down the slope meaning my four trips up and down, with bemused security onlooking, became the equivalent of three full trips up the slope.

Luckily my bad luck ran out at that point, I stumbled round the Thursday route in no mans land, too slow for post-marathon runners enjoying their freedom and too fast for the back of the group.

I did it though, nine miles on a weekday evening, I’ve never done more than six before so I’ll take that for now and wait for my luck to turn.


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