Race to the Race (302.7-319.2)

Racing to a race isn’t advisable!

No football match for the little one so I managed to wrangle a morning of running before heading to visit family for Easter. Rather than head for the hills, I decided to revisit my parkrun exploits from a few months ago and jog there, do the parkrun then jog back.

Unfortunately I left it a bit late to leave the house so instead of a relaxing 5km jog to the park I had to keep half an eye on the watch, pray that a train wouldn’t close the level crossing when I needed it and take a shortcut I usually avoided.

Luckily my parkrun has over four hundred participants so inevitably starts a few minutes late so as I pitched up, just in the nick of time, drenched in sweat I was grateful for a couple of minutes respite and a bit of a chat with friends who wondered why my pre-run look was so reminiscent of my post-run look!

Eventually we were off, I’d planned to take it easy having headed in a bit faster than I wanted to and wanted to conserve energy for the trip back. It never quite works out like that and after about 300 metres I was ducking in and out of people and trying to find gaps along the congested towpath. What is it about seeing a runner just in front of you that makes you run that little bit faster? It’s parkrun, not the Olympics!

Anyway, I got around in a touch over 26 minutes, about two minutes faster than I wanted to, and if it wasn’t for the congestion a minute slower than I would have gone!

Needless to say, the jog home was slow, not so much slower that I was concerned but it just goes to show that racing to a race, racing the race then running home from the race probably means the final chapter of that trilogy won’t be much fun.


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