History Repeating (408.8-457.5km)

There we have it, another silly long gap between posts. It’s not ideal and I have had a few interesting runs but I’ll have to just summarise to get back up to date:

  • Windlesham Relays – Jove Coggers PB-ed the course, largely due to the fact that for the first time in my three attempts I was uninjured. Still, I’m not going to knock 4:30kms
  • Alice Holt Slopes – As part of the training for next week’s half marathon I ran up and down the hill at Alice Holt a lot. The people I passed multiple times as I ran up and down must have thought I was a bit of a nutter!
  • parkrun with the little one – Now that the football season has been completed my son has decided to take up parkrun. Two runs in and he’s already closer to a t-shirt than I will be. I also think he has the bug, really looking forward to a summer of running with him

Finally, I’m still on course to get to 1000km this year; I still have a long training run to upload and have the half marathon next week so well on course to meet my target.


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