Here come the hills! There wasn’t much time to run this morning, I had to be back for my son’s football match, a local derby that couldn’t be missed. I needed some hills to run up though. So, off I headed into the woods for the nearest incline which was by the Jurassic gate I […]

  Two things of note during this run, how exciting you find them depends on your point of view. Firstly, they are apparently filming Jurassic World 2 in the local woods. There was no filming taking place when we ran through but we did see an old rusty arch which no doubt will be CGI-ed […]

Summer seems to arrived, temporarily in all probability but coupled with the clocks going forward I had what felt like the first summer run of the year.   The run through the woods was a nice way to celebrate the brighter, sunnier days. It’s only a short run, even with an extra bit tagged onto […]

The clocks go forward at the weekend which means that the club’s Thursday run will move back to our off road route so this week was a chance to bid farewell to winter Thursday route. I’m being overly dramatic, the route won’t be missed greatly and fellow club runners seemed to think the same. The […]

Two runs, two days. It’s the norm for a lot of people but not something I’ve done since running the London Marathon two years ago. The distances are considerably shorter now but what a day to pick it up again. It was the club run’s usual Tuesday route and as we made our way out […]

The clocks haven’t quite gone forward as yet but the days are already longer. For the first time in almost six months I didn’t have to take the footpath route home. Instead, thanks to the later evening light I could run through the woods. It’s amazing how an off road run can lift the spirits; […]

With a race the previous weekend and no future race till June this club run was a bit more relaxed than anything I’ve run on the last four or five months. It was kind of nice to run at my own pace although I did end up running on my own a lot, the faster […]